Rebuilding Bad Credit? We Can Help

Are you feeling handcuffed by bad credit? Sun Valley Nissan can help. We're able to start you on the path to rebuilding your credit quickly and without hassle. Did you know that financing a vehicle is one of the most effective ways to rebuild bad credit?

If you have steady income and meet some other basic requirements, we can get you approved for a car loan right away. In no time you'll own your vehicle and will have reformed your credit into something to be proud of. From there, the financing possibilities are endless, including home mortgages or even business loans!

Sun Valley Nissan specializes in car loans and credit-rebuilding services for all citizens of Cranbrook, Creston, Fernie and Invermere. We even extend this service to those from Trail, Nelson and Castlegar in the West Kootenay, and we do it without judgment or discrimination. Even if you've been turned away by other lenders, let's partner in rebuilding your credit as you drive!

We'll Work with You, Regardless of Your Credit

Whether your credit is bad or good or you have no credit history at all, we'll sit down with you and work it out. We can help even if you've experienced any of the following:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce or Common Law Separation
  • Self-Employed
  • Bad credit
  • No credit
  • Slow-Paying Credit
  • First-Time Buyers
  • Unpaid collections
  • New Immigrant to Canada

Bad-Credit Car Loans with Sun Valley Nissan

If you need a vehicle but have bad credit, there are still options for you. Are you currently leasing or financing but need to get out of a contract because it's just too expensive? No matter what the deal is, we can help!

At Sun Valley Nissan, we know that the easiest way for you to repair and rebuild your credit rating is to make regular monthly payments toward a loan. This demonstrates that you are reliable, and soon, past infractions are dropped by lending agencies. This restores your credit rating to a higher score and opens up options for you in the future.

Apply Today, Get Approved Tomorrow

After you apply for credit approval online, our dedicated finance manager will contact you in confidence to learn more. The process won't take long, and there's no shame. We'll help you find a car loan you can afford, no matter what your situation is.